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I always thought that it is a question to ask yourself rather than one to answer and thus, I just decided to make a big list! Also, as I mentioned earlier, my prices are quite generous and will not go higher than $1. That means, you should definitely invest your time and money to get the most out of your investments!

As for building your investment, there are two options: the first is to buy and build a small quantity of shares through a traditional brokerage company. Then you can sell what you have built up at a higher price after you achieve a decent return over time. The second is to buy and sell as you like to make money on the market!

What is the current market situation like and how can I take advantage of it?

In terms of value added, the cryptocurrency market is in fact very active these days. Many people are working day and night on buying and selling coins without any break for days in between. This means that if you have an idea and want to make a coin, just look on the market for coins that are going down in price. And, do not be hesitant with any coins that you think look to be a good investment (and I mean a good one!).
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As for the trading scene, the market itself is not very active yet. However, there are few cryptocurrencies in the marketplace that are more valuable than Ethereum right now, like ZCash, Ripple, and Monero. And, there is no reason why you could not take advantage of this. Even though Ether was being added to the crypto trading scene quite a bit, nobody knows more about this cryptocurrency than the developers who made the Ethereum smart contract network.

Also, do not hesitate to invest in altcoins if you love investing in crypto and/or enjoy reading this long-post!

For more information on Ethereum-ICO, you can follow the links in the next section below: What is Ethereum Classic and why should I invest in it?

How can I create a coin?

For those who wish to build their own tokens, you can do it easily. All you need to do is create an account on CoinMarketCap from your wallet and then deposit your bitcoins to it. In the following section we will cover how to register and how to build your own token on ETC.

How can I register and the best way to do it?

To register on CoinMarketCap, you need to create an account on either the desktop client or android

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