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I’d say a project that will get you very excited or a project you’re looking to add value to your woodworking. Maybe just to pass the time while you build a few more items. That’s all it’s ever been about — getting something new and great to build.

In any case, I’d say a good first woodworking project is this:

Woodworking hobby keeps Hambel busy in retirement
If you’re a home woodworker, you might have bought a planter or similar thing. They allow you to place your pieces together to create something neat before you can actually start working on things. It’s really a nice way to keep your work space organized.

A planter can be your first place to store your woodworking tools. It also creates a great workspace that can serve as a great starting location for a project.

A planter has several things going for it:

It’s nice and flat-bottom, which keeps everything pretty neat and organized underneath

It works, and it’s an excellent workspace for starting projects of any kind, from creating simple frames to more intricate plansets

It’s simple to hold and maneuver, which I think gives the woodworking process that much more character and makes the tool a bit easier to use because it’s not difficult to start using it

It provides an attractive and safe place to store your tools while they’re sitting inside of it.

The Best

Here are my Top 5 picks for planningets, and also for other storage and working spaces you might like for your woodworkers.

1, 2) Simple Tool Box

I was very surprised at this box because it sounds super complicated. But it’s actually pretty simple to use.

1) Pick up a simple box from a thrift store and have it handy. This type of box is very similar to what was used to store and organize tool parts. It was easy to get and holds lots of tools, including what I would consider a fairly basic set of screws.

2) Make the box yourself so the screw heads are facing into the bottom.

3) Mark the holes so you don’t have to drill holes in them for the screws, since you’ll be using them anyway.

4) Use some wood glue or stain to glue the top part of the tool box bottom to the board.

5) Cut the wood to size.

The Best

Here are my 5 favorite simple woodworking tool boxes.

1) Tool Box from

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