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The most powerful country in the world, a country that has the world’s largest population, who is the leader of the free world, one of only two nations that have ever been known to be able to achieve nuclear weapons? France is doing everything in its power to buy up homes in London and the rest of Europe. And who does it benefit?

The real powerhouses of the Western financial class have a different strategy, and they are playing a long game. They buy into the system as a whole, they buy up companies that own big pieces of the world’s economy, they buy into the European Union and in exchange are given a number of different economic services. They buy into the institutions of global finance and political organizations, and not only that, they play that game for good and they know that they are in on a good game. There’s no other way of looking at this: they are the game masters.

What we are witnessing is a global race to the bottom because the Western financial elite want access to as many assets as possible, and as long as they are able to do this using financial markets, they will be able to dominate the financial markets. Financial technology has changed dramatically in the last several years. Banks have been able to operate more securely online. The number of assets they hold has also grown exponentially. The assets they hold have become so diversified that they can now easily trade securities of any kind, in fact any asset they own, so that a single financial institution can’t dominate the system at the top by making large, single-trader decisions. By trading stocks, for example, one could become a hedge. One could become a broker and one could become a hedge fund. By trading derivatives this global trader can become a trader of futures contracts.
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The reason why you have two sets of trading desks, one in London and one in Frankfurt, is they are in competition. It’s one of the reasons why London has the world’s most valuable property, it’s one of the reasons why Frankfurt is the world centre for finance, it’s one of the reasons why London still has more bank branch closings, more bankruptcies than any other city in the world. It’s a world that is dominated by financial institutions. But a few companies own a large part of the world’s wealth at the global level, and you can really see it by taking the London Stock Exchange index and then looking at the performance of the index over the last year. The London price of the index is now worth seven times