What education do you need to become a woodworker? – How To Start A Woodworking Business Videos

Woodworking isn’t hard to pick up. It can be mastered in just two to four years. With a basic set of skills, a child can spend most of their days at a board house in the morning and then spend the rest of the day at home. Most beginners need about six years to be able to cut wood—and, when they do, they’ve already set up shop in their living room, which can be the home of many small projects.

The most basic, but most important, skill you learn—to make beautiful items—is in woodworking. If you’ve chosen a career based on the demand for lumber, carpentry, or wood-turning, you’ll have already learned to work with that lumber.

Why would I want to learn woodworking?

With that in mind, I wanted to provide an overview of the woodworking skills that are important for most woodworkers to learn. The next step is to ask a question:

Can learning woodworking help make my job more marketable?

There are lots of reasons for learning woodworking: it’ll allow me to increase work volume with a single person, make my work easier, and reduce my work inefficiencies.

What’s the biggest advantage of woodworking over carpentry, carpentry and metalworking?

Many people worry about money in these careers when they’re thinking about making a career move. They worry that there might not be enough available jobs and that if they choose carpentry, metalworking or woodworking, they’ll simply choose jobs where the money is. But, they should be thinking about the opposite, about the skills you’ll get out of your new career. And the best way to think about that is to ask yourself:

Would I be better off at a job where I’m making better furniture, cabinets, or wood work if I wasn’t learning woodworking skills?

Or, would I be better off doing the work with someone else?

How often do professionals tend to think about these kinds of questions? (See “Why woodworking isn’t a bad alternative” and “Why woodworking is valuable.” for some answers.)

Why do so many people with less than a high-school diploma think that learning woodworking and working with wood is the only career path to pursue in their young lives?

Many people are encouraged by the belief that being a woodworker is a career with a lot of prestige and a good pay. But wood

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