What can I build at home to sell? – Woodworking Business At Home

Here is a list of 10 basic home-improvement projects that can be done at home or at your work, and that have been found to be the most effective ways to get back to you more quickly, and get more money in the end.

1. A large storage locker

An alternative to buying and installing a huge storage closet is to use a storage locker. One-time cost of $75-$150 will pay for the price of a new locker.

2. An extra large work bench

When you need a great deal of extra work when you move, build a full-size work bench. This will hold the most difficult tools, and you won’t need to put new flooring up for months – plus it can take years before you can actually sell your new bench.

3. 2 x 4s

If you have a wood desk or a closet full of desk tops, why not build a second one for less than $60?

4. A new deck or patio

An extra-long deck or patio will let you do more outdoor projects such as landscaping and garden maintenance. The deck can get damaged when you move because it has to be replaced every few years, but the price of a new deck is much cheaper than a small-scale deck. It’s also a lot easier to build yourself than to buy a project kit, making it far easier to expand your garden.

5. Extra storage for a storage closet

If you are going to store all your tools at home and the storage space has to be limited, then a storage locker is the obvious choice. It can help give you more storage space for tools, but won’t require expensive remodeling.

6. An extra big table

Building an extra-large table has several advantages. First, it will help you do more tasks. Second, it will take time away from more important household tasks, such as running the children, taking out the trash and doing dishes, and most importantly, maintaining the space, and building up your reputation with your coworkers.

7. 2 chairs

The 2 x 4s can be used for more than one person, and the extra large widths give extra room in the middle for items such as tables, bookcases, and chairs.

8. Better kitchen space

If you have more than one cabinet, and want to use a larger cabinet to store the other cabinet items, then a nice addition to the cabinet is

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