What are easy things to make and sell?

It used to be that easy things were difficult to sell, but that’s not the case anymore, and it sure would be nice if your product sold enough to pay for the materials.

What’s in your product, then? Easy things? Great, now you’re selling simple stuff.

How many copies will your book bring in (as the “average” book in a genre)?

This is harder to answer, and requires some creative accounting. That’s why we don’t recommend writing sales numbers unless you’re comfortable with figuring this stuff out yourself.

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There are two main kinds of books:

(1) Simple books that are sold by someone familiar with their subject

(2) Books that are sold by someone who isn’t familiar with their subject. These should be very niche books. If you want to make money off of sales of “Tomb Raider” by itself, you can make some money but probably not much. You have to sell a lot of it to make any money.

Where should I start researching a book of mine before starting the process of making it available?

As a rough general rule of thumb, the first step in the process is researching what other authors are doing:

Where else did you find information about this book?

What were the other reviews like?

Was there other information about the book to find, like reviews or blogs or books by other authors or companies?

What was the response like?

You probably want to talk to people in the field and try to find contact information or a mailing list of friends and relatives, and some of the more famous authors you can contact. There is a lot of information available online, but you’ll need to find the right people for the right job.

Do I need writers to write the covers of our books? If I do, should the authors be included in the covers/cover copy? What about the author logo?

Yes, it needs to be done. People who have the experience you need to know are also good to work with. For example, if I am writing a game, I would want some people who would write games for me. In that case, you can probably negotiate for them to be included on the cover. If you are doing a print book, and you are unsure about the kind of content you are producing, do a short phone call to your publisher and ask for more information. There are plenty of publishers out there who