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Well, that can be said to be true in many countries, but in Italy it is not.

This is where craftsmanship has been lost. It was made in order to sell, but this was not the point of the process, and the product wasn’t in order to sell. Today there are only a dozen or so Italian manufacturers left, and the vast majority of small businesses were unable to thrive because of the lack of skilled production skills.

The traditional wooden furniture manufacturing process used long ago, and today is largely dead.

What do wooden furniture companies say about the artisanal movement?

We see it as a natural evolution of our crafts (we were making furniture for centuries before) and hope to continue to grow with greater awareness of our work in the future.

In fact, there is an association currently under way between Italy and the global movement of modern artisans. They share the goal of using new technology in order to produce high quality luxury products.

This movement does include the craftsman who has been doing it for decades. However, it is possible for an artisan to create a lot of different styles. What they offer is in essence a compromise between high quality and affordability.
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In recent years, we have seen many examples of this in the furniture industry:

The Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, uses handmade wood furniture for many of his stores. His products are typically decorated with a variety of elements from wood, fabric and glass, and a strong sense of craft. His creations are therefore a strong contrast with the high designer labels. There are many such examples in the European furniture market too, with high-end designer furniture, but the quality doesn’t compare to what you can find in the US, Europe or Japan!

The American designers, Alexander Girard and Luca Baccini, have many designs in their shops that are quite different to the typical high-end furniture design.

What are the most successful Italian artisanal products?

It all depends on what type of work the artisan prefers to do. Some may be highly individual to one’s particular area of work and do very little to gain the attention of the wider public.

But for those working on larger projects – as in the cases of the artists – it’s more in order to have a large reputation and to be admired by others for their work. In the US, the best known artisanal furniture brand is H.M. Hudson, and they often

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