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Why do they care that they have a great reputation because their customers are all the way in the distance from home? A woodworker is probably the most visible way people learn about and interact with wood. Whether you’re shopping for new products, woodworking equipment, equipment to fit your design, or woodwork services, there are people who can talk about your business and show other interested parties what you do. There are probably thousands of people who have a desire to find out what you do — maybe it’s something that helps you connect with people on new markets.

It’s one way people learn more about woodworking, including customers and other businesses. The best time to learn more about woodworking is when you’re traveling — on the go in a van or airplane, or working in a shop or store that offers woodworking. Woodworking is very visual and visual is something that doesn’t get learned about and is easier to be exposed to on the move. There is almost always something to do if you have no plans to get home.

You could even have it be a day or two at a time, and if you are at a shop with other woodworking professionals, you might start doing something with them (or in the beginning even just going into your local woodworking supply shop to get your supplies).

You’ll discover that this is an area in which you can learn a lot even if you can’t afford to invest in learning equipment. This is also the case for other creative professions with little or no budget.

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