How much do custom woodworkers make?

Woodworkers make large amounts of quality plywood products. The most widely available woods are, to a large extent, imported from China but many people make plywood of their own.

What is the size or amount of wood that’s considered to be “woodworking” in a particular industry? It seems like you all make a lot of that stuff, don’t you?

I’d say for a good, affordable custom build for one person, you’re probably on the side of making a dozen, maybe two dozen boards. For two or three of us it’ll be about six boards, which I can make pretty quickly. I use a lot of it for the back of my shop.

Is it true that you sell online?

I don’t sell online.

You’re working on new products, are they a product of your own or is it something you’ve gotten from someone else?

The products, whether it’s the plywood and the miter saws, are things that I’ve gotten from other people. I think most of them are handmade so it varies a lot in the finish.

Anything you’re planning on doing for the near future?

I’m going to start working with a new printer, so that will just mean another five years of building up my own print shop so that I can work with 3D printers.

Anything you’d like to say to the craftsmanship community?

I’m just a busy person so I’m sure that there’s tons of us out there that are just like me. I think for the most part we do our best to be open to new experiences and to work on new things. What works for me is that I’m willing to try new things and to try new things and to try new things.

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Thanks, Josh. It’s been an honor getting to see your shop and it’s amazing working with you.

Thanks so much!

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