How do I price my wood projects? – How To Start A Successful Woodworking Business

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Pricing Your Wood

You’ll want to first know how much your project will cost before you decide whether or not to purchase.

In some cases, you may be able to offer discounts to buyers willing to pay in advance. For example, some retailers may match the value of your discount to the actual sales price that you are able to price your project at. Others may just offer a credit on a future invoice. For more information on pricing your wood projects, visit our pricing tips.

How much do I need?

Before you begin, research how much you’ll need — how strong you’ll need — for your job, so you know what to expect.

If you need a tool but don’t know what kind, look to see what kinds of tools other people are using, and ask your local lumber dealer if they have any available. Some stores may have online stores, or have a catalog. Check with them too, because you may be able to get discounts or a trade on a piece.

If your wood is going to last for a while, decide how much you’ll need for the project, and what you’ll save by knowing the price of lumber. A good rule to remember is that in many cases you’ll be able to buy the same type of wood at the same price whether it’s already cut or not. If you need some small details in a particular project, you’ll probably find it much easier to find it online rather than at a regular store or lumber yard.

Are all the options available?

All lumber mills will offer some of the same things, but in most cases you get what you pay for. In other cases, you’ll be better off shopping around, especially if you have certain questions. If you’re not sure, ask a lumber expert in your area. You may find you’re better off talking with the local lumber salesman than a lumber store or professional woodcarver.

Can I buy my wood online?

Some online vendors offer discounted prices on small quantities, so you can get a really good price online before you ever buy any other piece. You can shop around for prices on lots of other wood projects as well.

Do I need a lot of shipping?

If you want to ship your lumber to a store, it probably isn’t worth the extra hassle. Most stores will accept bulk shipments or even take orders as a single order if you pay up front. (For more info on shipping wood purchases

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