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“We want to have an impact on the quality of lives for people in Canada. The quality of life for many Canadians is not getting better. It is getting worse as incomes and wealth are rising so much. That is a reflection that the way in which people are employed has to change,” says Béranger, who has built bridges for hundreds of businesses that use Canada Post trucks to distribute their goods and has taught a carpentry class to more than 700 entrepreneurs including Justin Trudeau.

“You have to build a bridge. This is a small way of doing that. This will work and be accepted as a real solution.” Canada Post said it was exploring different options, including new products and a bigger role for the private sector. The company has long faced criticism as inefficiently delivering packages through the Canada Post System, where workers are supposed to receive no additional compensation from the agency.

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The idea of using government-owned fleets to deliver mail around the country has gained traction in recent years, with companies such as Amazon and FedEx increasingly using trucks to deliver packages from warehouses to buyers, who then pack the parcels up and ship them to locations like local retail stores and post offices. In the United Kingdom, the UK Post has been testing using delivery by private fleets for the first time in 2012 and plans to roll out the service in England, Scotland and Wales. In Canada, the idea has won preliminary approval from the federal government’s National Household Survey, which asked postal workers whether they were willing and able to help government run its own mail delivery network, according to a briefing note seen by the Star. It’s not clear whether the government will consider changing the existing structure of the Canada Post System to allow delivery by private carriers, which would generate revenue for the federal government. But Béranger said the decision to experiment with private cargo trucks should be seen not as a threat but a chance to start thinking about ways to improve the delivery infrastructure. Carved Wooden Dough Bowl Primitive Wood Trencher Tray ...

The research was conducted by Béranger and the business school’s senior administration advisor, Elizabeth Fennell. Canada Post already sends mail by hand in parts of Ontario and Manitoba but it doesn’t want to do it permanently.

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It needs more money and will be “challenging” to change the delivery system, Béranger said, but the company’s internal options range from increasing rates paid by its drivers to expanding to full-size trucks that can carry a full delivery at 40 km/h. “To improve services

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