Can you rip wood with a miter saw?

Yes you can.

Do you have to be the only one with a saw?


Does it have to be the same blade?


How much power?

One point.
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How many turns does it hold?


What size of saw will you use?

It’s a big one.

How long do you have to get it?

One hour. It takes a lot of time to get the miter saw in.

Do you have a way to get it from your office?

No. I have to go down my hall.

Do you have a way to get it out if something happens?

No. It goes to the basement.


How do you handle your saw?

I have a few ways.

Should you use a hammer to break the wood on uneven surfaces?

I don’t use a hammer. I use the angle of the blade to break the wood. I don’t go into the room and take the work out.

How far away do you have to be?

No more than two feet. I can stand right in front of the saw. I have to stand right in front of my wall.

How does the wood move?

It’s moving very smoothly.

How quickly does the wood move?

It’s moving almost immediately.

Do you have any other tools?



How do you cut wood without a saw blade?

I have a little knife.

How long does it take you to cut?

I usually cut it in half.

How do you keep the edge clean?

It all goes through my hands. There is no dust anywhere. I keep my hands there.

Do you always have someone do this with you?

Not often. I usually have another person.


How do you dry?

I just rub my hands on my work surface.

Do you have a vacuum cleaner?



Do you like having a book in your hand?

No. I want the picture.

Do you have a bookcase?

No, I just carry it.

How often do you walk around your