Why do casinos have table limits?

Are they important or do you find table limits irrelevant? How many tables should a casino serve? What rules of engagement should you expect to be followed? These are questions I will spend the next few months researching. Stay tuned.

Lets say for this next post I want to share a different sort of game and I have a bunch of ideas. I’m calling it a “fun with some mechanics.” The idea is that I don’t want to start with a clear idea on how exactly the game is going to operate. I want that idea to evolve and be revealed through the game play. It’s a different beast than a regular game! As we’re going to be using tokens, I’m going to start with a simple card game. This game isn’t in the same class as a Magic: the Gathering game or a board game..but the concept of the game is a lot of the same. I know a lot of people out there are asking what this game is about. The short answer is that this game is about creating a little girl as someone else (a child) for the purpose of using the magical powers of a “witch” (also a child) to play a game.

This game will take place in an unnamed town. Each player will start with a character. These will form the core elements of the game. Each player chooses one of those characters and gives it the name she wants it to have. For example, if I want Emily, which is named Emily, I would give it a name of Emily and give my character a body, a name and a face. Let’s say that Emily gets to know the townspeople and can get a job as a bus driver or a shop keeper. Let’s say she discovers the name she likes the best. It’s the name Emily and she becomes Emily. A little girl who is in love with the name Emily. As it develops though, Emily must figure out how she’s going to make her way. How will she deal with the rules of the game? How will she deal with her friends? Will she be able to have a boyfriend?

When I started this journey I had no idea where I’d end up. So I have my ideas down. Let’s see how I got to here.

I have no idea exactly how a game like this will look at first. The first question I had was how do I want my characters to react to some of the events. How will they behave? Will they run away and tell someone?