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A number of countries on a list by Forbes Magazine include the United States, France, Canada and Germany. A full breakdown is available on the U.S. page and on France’s website. Canada ranks second, with Austria and Germany making up the top three.

Germany is not included in the ranking because of the “Greece-style debt crisis” that struck in late 2010.

The report uses a “risk scores” score that includes the riskiness of individual countries, along with the overall safety of a country’s financial system. “As of 2011, the top 100 countries were ranked according to their risk ratings. At least 65% of the countries had ratings below 0.60, and at least 70% had ratings below 0.70. The lowest risk was in Turkey, followed by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Liberia, Egypt, India, Thailand,” according to Forbes.

In 2010, China led the rankings with a risk score of 4.3, the highest of the top 100 nations.

Why is a country like Germany doing so poorly on a list? For starters, the country has a highly ranked banking sector, but is also one of the most corrupt nations on earth, and an economy is only slowly growing and diversifying. The U.S., Canada and a few European nations take the number one spot among the top 10 countries on Forbes’ list.

“When there is financial turmoil, which is common to happen from time to time, people lose confidence in the banks, especially in Germany, France and the U.S.; a combination of these factors, and a lack of consumer protection laws, puts the country at risk of economic disaster if it goes bankrupt,” Forbes noted. “It isn’t all bad news for Germany, however. The country is well funded, and its tax system is good. It has the strongest banking system in all of Europe and the U.S., and its central bank supports the German economy.”

1-year anniversary of the shooting and arrest of Daniel Brown

Anaheim, California (CNN) — Eight months after the tragic shooting of a 22-year-old student by Oakland school police that sent shock waves through the community, Daniel Brown’s parents, Tawnie and Michael Brown, said their son is recovering physically but emotionally, and they said the case is part of the larger picture that needs to be tackled.

After a tense week during which the family faced media intrusion by Brown’s supporters, a second police officer was

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