What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas?

The bottom 10% of jobs, with the highest annual income, are the least likely to be unionized. If your average salary is less than $45,000 a year, the unionized jobs are more likely to pay more than $70,000.

If you’ve got a high-paying job that pays $70,000 or more a year, there’s a good chance you have a union contract. Here’s the latest on the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are seven Las Vegas jobs that pay more than $80,000 a year. The average salary is $75,400, although that can vary quite a bit.

1. Electrician

2. Plumber

3. Drywall Installer

4. Carpet Installer

5. Firefighter

6. Roofer

7. Electrician

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This list probably won’t surprise those who study union health and safety issues.

7. Roofers and Insulation Installers

There are only three roofers at Mandalay Bay, so there will be a ton of vacancies when the casino opens in a month. With the low vacancy rate, the union wants more jobs and wants to get rid of any who become unionized.

6. Carpet Installers

With Mandalay Bay’s large number of new hires, the union wants to get the workers who can work on the casino floors in the unionized. One of the new names in the Las Vegas area, Puma, has made a name for itself with their heavy carpet, so carpenters will certainly fit into the list.

7. Carpentry

As if the Carpet Installers’ union and the Electricians’ union couldn’t get any more entrenched, Carpenters will join the roofers as a group in three weeks. While the roofers can get into different trades and become unionized, carpenters will be represented by the Southern Nevada Carpenters.

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