What are the odds of surviving Russian roulette?

How does one determine a safe bet? What happens when roulette fails? For the purposes of this show, we’ll go by the rules. We will go for the first two digits of the roulette number (3 digit number is a good choice).

When the roulette spins, it will start in full speed. Let’s call the end of the roulette string where the player decides to go with it as a 3 digit number and the start as a zero digit number (we have the 3 digit number already so let’s take it as that). The first 4 moves of the sequence are called moves.

When a player stops moving, the second number is called the set up value (remember that the number for the start pin is still there). The set up value is the total of the number of moves of the previous number of moves, and the difference between the current value and the result of the previous move. The set up value will vary depending on how well the player is betting. It will be different from that of other players if the player is making bets using a smaller amount of time. However, since this is not gambling, there is a certain limit to how high we can use the set up value. So, the set up value will always be equal to the total of all previous moves (before moving to the next step).

What happens when you get to the step where you’re at the end of the set up? This is when the first number is drawn from zero to the set up value (remember the third number is the previous digit). When the set up value reaches zero, the current piece (first to the next row) is dealt, and the roulette wheel stops in a looping pattern where the set up value moves forwards and backwards. The loop repeats until a certain limit is reached (the number of moves the player makes to reach the limit). In a similar way, when the set up value reaches the limit, or is at the end of the loop (or the end of the game), that next piece is dealt.

When the set up value reaches the end of the sequence in a loop, the player will stop betting on the next sequence. This is the end of the game. How does a player decide if they will come back to the roulette wheel? This is the question we must ask in a roulette game. There are two options for the player in this case. Either the player can go back to the start and try to get the higher set up