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In reality, RNG isn’t a “rigged” feature. Randomness isn’t a fixed variable and is a complex function that is heavily influenced by a player’s actions. The “randomness” in that quote above describes the effect of randomness, which is the only thing that really matters on RNG. The other factors, such as item quality, drop rates, item quantity, and rarity, are all independent of one another.

In a game that uses RNG, players are free to adjust their gameplay and strategy while making their choices as free-moving beings. This allows randomness to be manipulated from a player’s perspective to a degree, much like dice or real life.
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In this sense, some RNG in RuneScape is, in fact, a random effect. It’s not rigged, unlike a game that has randomized mechanics.

RuneScape uses RNG to create a great world to experience. Players may choose to build upon the world, or choose to tear it up in order to experience the game more fully. Players are allowed to choose how much they want to learn about the game, as well as how long they want to keep trying to reach the top of the game’s leaderboards, or earn rewards.

This makes RNG a viable alternative to traditional gameplay mechanics, one that has been popularized by MMORPGs over the last years. RNG is far more likely to be applied to traditional game mechanics, which may make it seem even more viable as a new and popular game mechanic.

What are RuneScape’s RNG types?

In order to understand how RNG works, we first need to give a brief overview of all the different types of RNG in RuneScape.

Normal random number generation

Like everything else in RuneScape, each “roll” of a regular game of RuneScape follows standard rules. These rules are described in a guide that’s presented when the player first starts playing. There is also another guide that helps players quickly learn the basics of RNG.

If the player has played a game of RuneScape before, they should be familiar with the way the game rolls. Each RuneScape roll is made up of four steps:

Pre-roll – the player places their chosen symbol on the grid. This can be an item in the player’s inventory, a monster in the game world, or a random rock or a tree, and it has the same

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