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Gambling can be a form of gambling, a legal form of gambling of various sorts and many forms of activity that’s legal (e.g. lottery tickets), but is just a form of gambling. What about those things that are illegal, like sports betting?

So, if you win a lottery ticket and think you’re going to turn around and pay for the ticket, that’s legal gambling, right? Well, it depends on where you’re at.
Etiquette in playing Roulette

It depends on the kind of lottery ticket you bought and whether the person who sold you the ticket knows you, the person who owned the ticket and/or whether or not it’s actually legal to buy tickets in those states where you’re a resident. Sometimes those things can be complicated to figure out. Sometimes people in more than one state can legally purchase tickets from different vendors without any problems.

There are also several states where lottery tickets are not a type of gambling, but where you can get “unlawful money transmitters” caught with them and go to jail. So, those are more complicated.

The United States is the second largest manufacturer of military equipment in the world, and has supplied more than $5.3 billion in technology to various militaries across the world. The U.S. military equipment is a product of the United States, which has manufactured almost $200 billion in hardware since World War II.

I haven’t touched on this in an update, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to do a full on post. With that, the first real update comes to a close. As some readers will know, over the past year we’ve put together an exciting new company.

The story begins in the late autumn of 2013. We’ve been working diligently to build a new identity for this company, but the first step was finding a name to describe exactly what we were. The final result was that we ended up choosing a nickname, the acronym R3M, and it stuck. It was catchy and a reference to some of our core values.

The name became a running joke with our colleagues. One day, one of our programmers asked if I used a laptop at work, as he heard the name R3m was used around campus. I was surprised I wouldn’t hear it again, and I’m definitely on guard and always on the lookout for it. The last name on this list has only been mentioned once though, and that’s what made me realize that we needed more.

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