Has anyone died Russian roulette? – Roulette Strategy To Win Big

“You don’t see that happen very much, except on a large scale, where the roulette wheels have been set on the top of buildings in Russia,” he says.

“I think it is quite different in America; they don’t have the same kind of roulette machine. But in Russia every second person has to go through random checks.”

He has also seen Russians take their own lives and he’s been in contact with a suicide survivor who gave his name as Pavel.

Image caption Boris Nemtsov was shot dead this year at a rally in Moscow

“When I told him that I’d been in Russia since 1989 I was trying to explain how they have all lost something,” he says. “The fact that I didn’t have everything, that my parents had no savings, that even our houses were destroyed – I explained to him all that, and the reason he died. He was very upset.”

Dmitry is a father of three children ranging in age from two to 10. One of his daughters used to be at a sports camp at the Russian Olympic ski centre in Sochi.

I found him in a little house in the village called Smolensk. It was occupied by a lot of tourists. They lived on their own in a wooden apartment with a view of the mountains – a luxury that the Russians are not used to, he says.

The house was small, but clean. The two of them – a couple – made it their own, just with an old flat screen TV and a small couch, which they were comfortable, but not quite comfortable. That couch, and the view were their only possessions.

“They were very happy, with good food, and nothing they didn’t have,” he says. “They were very comfortable.”

At a time when the country has been gripped by a feeling of crisis, with a lack of money, so are the Russians, he says. They’ve been told this is normal – and not good. It’s hard to describe the feeling. I think it’ll be an even bigger problem in the coming months, than what we’re facing now.”

Many people talk about feeling isolated and lost. Boris was not alone.

But he was proud of what he had left behind – and what he’d done to change things.

“There was one day when I didn’t go to work, and I was told not to go to the toilet, that was the first and

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