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Image caption A woman was shot dead after she drove past a group of migrants trying to enter Hungary

Migrants in Hungary have attacked police with rocks after they tried to separate them from their hostel and stop them setting off explosives.

Police were forced to clear the migrants from the train station near Budapest where they were staying.

They had set off flares, knives and firecrackers at people trying to enter, before the attack, which took place on Monday.

Police have opened an investigation.

Police say it is likely that a group of asylum seekers are responsible.

The BBC’s John Sudworth in Budapest says the migrants are from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and are mainly from the Middle East.

The migrants are currently staying at a station in the north eastern town of Bicske, where some have been attacked with rocks and metal rods, the report says.

A man who was driving a BMW M3 car in the north of France near the border with Belgium has died in an accident in which six other people were injured. The M3 was travelling in the direction of La Bassée, around 45km west of the Belgian village of Amiens. “Two people have died in this accident,” the police chief told AFP. “The other five people are being treated in hospital.” He added they might have been injured by the BMW, which was travelling in the wrong direction.

Six other people were injured in the incident which occurred around noon local time, the police told the AFP news agency.

At least four people were airlifted by helicopter to Amiens, according to the local hospital. Three were said to be in grave condition and one was in a critical condition. The car, which was travelling with two foreign nationals – one Belgian, the other French – was travelling at the time of the accident.

The man was driving a BMW M3 car which was heading southbound on the A6 motorway between Paris and the Belgian city of Lille when

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