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When a roulette dealer rolls the black and white dice, it makes no difference what color or white they roll. A coin flip is all that matters. However, a roulette dealer might have another rule, which tells him or her something like: when a red die is rolled, the dealer can stop the game immediately and play another roulette. If this second rule is violated, a game is automatically re-started in the dealer’s presence.

The question of what is the actual nature of the roulette game has puzzled and confounded humans for thousands of years. For example, in 1789, John Locke believed that the “game” was a collection of rolling balls and dice, because he believed that the balls were a sort of “chokehold” that prevented the player from moving forward in time, and that the dice itself was a “chain”.

The word roulette comes from the English words roulle and leu, which have been derived from Latin ricinus, meaning ball or handle, and lira, meaning point or line; hence all ball or handle dice, and any set of them that are of the type referred to in Latin. From this origin came English roulette, which refers to the collection of dice.

The modern roulette concept has no relation to the game of the ball (or handle), and its history is unrelated to the ball itself. However, one of its important characteristics is that it does not rely on physical contact between the player and the dice. On the contrary, the roulette game is essentially a game of chance, when the roll of the dice does not depend on any of the players’ actions.

Roulette has been popularized thanks mainly to television; in particular, “Luck, Inc”-like games began to proliferate after the 1970s.


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Some variants have changed the game with more complicated controls over the roulette balls. Examples are “double dice roulette” and “double roulette roulette”.

Double Dice Roulette

The double dice roulette uses a two-step process. First, the ball is moved onto a tray, which is turned over to the first player, and then the dice on the tray are brought to him. After he rolls the black and white dice, the tray is set up once again, only this time with a larger tray. On this day, it is not known which of the two dice will “spin”

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