Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days?

Yes. Although it is possible to lose weight during the first 2 weeks with diet and exercise alone, your body will be very sensitive to fasting and your body will adapt to it.

How much time does it take to achieve the initial results? 3 days to 2 weeks. The results will be fasted, in order to allow your body time to adapt to the change. Also, it is possible to fast more frequently. However you will have to wait until your body reaches its equilibrium between the energy sources and you will start seeing any noticeable shortfalls after a while since your hunger receptors will start to activate. Also, you have to pay attention on how many meals you eat and when you fast during your fast. If you go for several days without eating, your body’s ability to adapt to low food frequency will suffer.

How long will it take before I notice any changes in my weight, or lose fat? There is no real correlation between the weight you lose or gain. If you start losing fat on a diet, you will see a change within 1-9 weeks. You can expect that if you fast and get enough exercise it will take at least 1 day before you have gained back a pound. During your fasting you may also notice a drop in appetite which takes time to come back. If that happens you need to reduce your intake of some food such as bread, pizza and chocolate. And if you experience any weight gain you need to decrease your intake too.

How long is the fasting period usually recommended for? The recommendations are for 2 days; however, people can start fasting longer or longer depending on how sensitive their appetite is and also if they have a family history of diabetes.

How long should you fast? There are people who say that two days and two weeks are necessary if the body needs to make an optimal amount of glucose from carbohydrates while they fast. However they can’t be sure they will get good results with less fasting time.

Does it matter if I fast or not? We all know that the faster you go the shorter the food will be, however we have also noticed that our bodies are more sensitive to fasting than other types of dieting. It is true that it is good to restrict some food types during the first couple of days of dieting and to exercise daily but the body will adapt and there may be some discomfort. Also, fasting has been shown to be beneficial in the short term: more than one study has shown it to be good for diabetes, it has also