What is the egg diet? – How To Lose Weight Naturally

The egg diet is a dietary strategy for men that has gained wide acceptance for its benefits. The egg diet is a group of dietary approaches for men, usually consisting of the following elements: a) high omega-3 fatty acid intake; b) no fish, and c) no dairy foods. In other words, the diet is not for men who are sensitive to eggs and dairy products, so be careful.

In recent years, the study of the egg diet has been very successful and we have had very large scale studies of this strategy. In 2007 in the US, a large, randomized, placebo controlled study found that the egg diet reduced the risk of major cardiovascular events by 17% with very long term follow up. This is one of the first randomized controlled studies to prove a dietary intervention, and it is now recommended by the American Heart Association as a diet for men with a high cardiovascular risk profile. In a separate, larger trial in the US, in 2010, the authors found that the egg diet reduced the risk of all-cause mortality and the risk of coronary heart disease by 25%.

A separate study at the University of Minnesota from 2010 shows that the egg diet reduced total mortality by 8% in men with an LDL cholesterol concentration of over 400 mg/dL and by 17% in men with an LDL cholesterol concentration of less than 170 mg/dL. It was also found that the egg diet reduced the risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality by 20% in men.

Dairy fat intake and cardiovascular mortality

To get the cholesterol into the right place in the body, the main fatty acids and omega-3s for men must be rich in essential fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA and DHA) . The essential fatty acid essential fatty acids are found in plant-based foods, specifically in olives and walnuts, whereas omega-3s that are not found in plant-based foods are found only in high-quality fish, as the essential fatty acid DHA is found only in fatty fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for the proper operation of brain, cardiovascular, hormone and immune systems in men and to reverse aging. They are also important factors in the development of arterial plaque in the heart.

The recommended dairy intake for a healthy adult man is 2.5 ounces of milk each day. For this reason, for men with a high coronary risk, including heart disease and stroke, the optimal dairy

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