How do I start a workout routine? – Significant Weight Loss Definition Harrison

First, get yourself a set of bodyweight exercises that fit in your daily schedule and that are easy to perform. Your basic bodyweight exercises are as follows:


Reverse knee bends (or a modified reverse hamstring curl)

Upright sit-ups

A set of reverse band-assisted squats

Weighted push-ups

Weighted dips


Biceps curls

Biceps extensions

Bicep curls

Biceps extensions


Triceps tricep extensions

Triceps tricep extensions

Triceps curls

Triceps extensions

Triceps extensions

The exercises that you include should not be difficult, because the more difficult they are, the more time you spend away from them, and the less effective you will be at them. Also, as the exercises grow in strength, their intensity will decrease over time, which means they lose effectiveness.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve got it covered. What should I do after I perform these exercises?”

Start with a warm-up period that will consist of a low velocity, high resistance circuit consisting of two complete sets of six reps and one complete set of six reps followed by a brief high velocity, low resistance circuit consisting of two complete sets of four reps with as many as five as necessary to progress to the actual rest period.

At this point, continue to perform each exercise three times during the warm-up period to familiarize your muscle fibers with the new exercise.

Don’t wait until the workout is over. The more you exercise during this period, the stronger your muscle fibers will be, and the greater control you will have over the rest of your workout routine. By the end of the first session, a muscle fiber has likely changed its fiber type from fiber type A to fiber type B, so your workout should be much more intense and demanding than in the beginning.

Finally, as you progress from the warm-up period to the actual rest period, continue to do high velocity high resistance circuits each of two full sets, and perform the actual bodyweight exercises on an upper body pull-up bar.

What is the best way to go about setting your bodyweight exercises?

Once you have performed several sets of a bodyweight exercise, the ideal time to do a high velocity, low resistance circuit is right before your workout, or after you

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