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If you’ve ever been to a show at a local bar and seen a band that you were really excited about play, and you didn’t know it, you were probably very lucky. If you were really lucky, or you were a genius, you probably missed seeing what was going on. So you’d be able to order them a drink, or try listening to them after a show, and be able to sit there in your seat and say, well, it could’ve been worse. But the good news is that a lot of these bands are playing again. There are a dozen-odd bands playing a lot harder, a lot further from their home bases. And some of them are a very long way from their roots, from where they started.

The good news for all of us that love listening to the underground is that these bands are growing and evolving every season, playing shows as they travel, touring and finding different ways to make music.

There’s been the kind of “old-school” rock thing, but there’s also been the indie-pop thing, and there’s even been a lot of stuff that’s been a little bit more progressive than most people think it should be, or a lot more accessible than people think it should be. There has been a shift in the number of bands that are doing things in different directions. I’d be willing to bet that the number of bands playing the more hardcore stuff in particular is going up a thousand percent.

There are a lot of really, really hard bands out there that we wouldn’t recognize as such now. There are a lot of really hard, interesting, great bands that are actually really cool. Sometimes the most exciting music for the most part, if you think about that, is playing to people that might be into similar stuff.

So, as a result of this evolution, what I would like to do in the future, is start making my own kind of “hardcore rock,” and I do believe right now, it’s really difficult to make such music. But I think when we start making some of these weird, quirky things, I think we’ll see a lot more people doing that.

I know a lot of bands are coming out of punk shows these days. I don’t think they’re getting played by the same groups that are playing their own shows.