How can I lose my arm fat?

You can lose your arm fat, if you’re following the right training plan and eating right. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine found that athletes with a low-fat diet lost a significant amount of body fat on the field even after taking weight loss medication such as prednisone. And losing fat over time means the muscle you don’t need to lose gets in better shape. A study in The Journal of Sports Medicine found that a low-carb diet could help runners who have been training for 2 to 3 years to lose as much as 30 percent of their body weight.

I’m not a runner, do runners get fat?

Running is not the only sport that doesn’t seem to help the fat gain of bodybuilders. In studies that measured testosterone in bodybuilders with and without steroids, those with steroids didn’t lose as much body fat than those without, even when the athletes were eating the strictest vegan diet. So whether you’re a runner or a bodybuilder, it appears that low-fat eating isn’t enough to help your body store fat.

An Australian government body wants everyone to know that people with HIV should keep the disease in check, but don’t let other people “mislead or scare” them.

The National Health and Medical Research Council, which oversees Australia’s most famous HIV and Aids agency, said it was time for public health agencies to focus on increasing the number of people with the virus who seek counselling and medical treatment as well as “increasing community awareness of their [risk] of contracting HIV”.

In its advice to government agencies, the NHMRC’s chief executive, Professor Ian Frazer, said he hoped the advice would make people realise that a good relationship with someone who is HIV positive made the “unlikely prospect” of contracting HIV “less worrying”.
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It’s not a “no-brainer”, Prof Frazer told the ABC.

In response, a spokesman for the department of health said people should “act like they’re already a bit scared” so they aren’t too scared to check the HIV status of their sexual partners.

“That might be a more useful message to start putting in place as more people take advantage of HIV services in the community.”

The spokesman said NHMRC had encouraged the department to consider expanding the scope of people who were diagnosed with HIV, to include heterosexual men who have sex with men, and in particular gay guys.

The department said it had already been doing this work since 2013