How can I boost up my metabolism? – Weight Loss Exercise

In the past, if this was all that you ate for a long time, your metabolism would slowly and painfully decline, leaving you feeling tired and hungry, and with a sluggish heart rate and overall lack of energy. But with proper exercise, you can drastically increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day for the whole body, and that’s a great thing.
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Nowadays, if you’re following a ketogenic diet (in which the majority of your calories are from fats), and also maintaining a healthy weight (and maintaining proper blood sugar), you can have a far greater metabolic boost.

In recent research published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, researchers suggest this boost is caused by increased leptin in the blood, which drives weight loss and can improve metabolic health, and an increase in “good” fat in the body.

There are two sides to the research as to how this works, which was published in December 2014 in Metabolism.

“Our data clearly demonstrate a clear, direct relationship between a ketogenic diet and increased insulin sensitivity in fat cells of obese subjects,” said research lead author Dr. Mark Hyman. “This is not surprising given that the metabolic state of ketosis can be maintained with the consumption of a limited but adequate amount of calories provided in the diet.”

In addition, the increased leptin in the blood in the form of lipids can cause a metabolic switch: if fatty acids are circulating in your blood, they’ll have a higher conversion to fat and therefore a greater effect on metabolism, which can also increase metabolic health.

“We have found that a ketogenic diet and a high-fat diet stimulate insulin releasing peptide 1 (IRP1), which is associated with beneficial metabolic and cardiovascular effects,” he adds.

What does it all have to do with weight loss?

According to the authors, the “metabolic advantage” is one of the main reasons people go on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, but it has so much more to do with weight loss, according to diet-related research.

“Fat is an extremely poor food source for you,” Hyman explained. “Fat is the worst fat by far.” In comparison to carbohydrates, fat can only contain 4 calories per gram, meaning that the body must hunt for it as a energy source, while carbohydrates are loaded with 12 calories per gram.

The fat in the body is extremely toxic, a known toxin released by your body when it breaks down stored

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