Does drinking water help you lose weight? – Weight Loss Supplements

No, says the CDC. “While water appears to regulate water intake, water can also promote weight gain.” And that may be a problem for people addicted to sugar-saturated junk food. “A 2009 systematic review of 21 studies on the effect of water intake on weight found that the overall weight gain was not statistically significant for short-term intakes (0-1 year, 2-4 years or more)” with daily intake at 1,100 mL for adults, 500 mL for children <12 years, and 150 mL for adults >50 years of age. What about supplements for weight loss? You may want to start with the “recommended daily allowance” of 2,300-6,000 mg of calcium per day and the “recommended dietary allowance,” for those with blood pressure >140/90 mm Hg (approximately equivalent to a daily dose of 20 mg CaCl2+/day). How about the “low-calcium” diet? This diet (which is now called an “energy balance” or “balanced diet”) includes only “low-calcium” food in your diet and reduces the amount of protein or foods high in fat. This can have a negative effect on bone health. But if you stay on the high-calcium diet for many years (as many people have), your bone mineral density (BMD) will improve.

Bottom Line: There appears to be no real evidence that drinking lots of water is good for your teeth, but if you must drink to lose weight and not gain weight, it may be one way to do so.

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