Why is Social Dance important?

This is where Social Dancing really shines!

Social Dancing is an interactive form of dance that is a form for individuals, groups, or organizations to create their own social experiences! From the first dance and dance club in New York, to the World Dance Championships over 40 years later, to the many dances and social gatherings created from the Internet, it has never been easier to find a reason to dance. It has evolved a lot, and is still evolving, but it has always provided great entertainment, and an incredibly welcoming community. Social Dancing can also provide a great, safe, social outlet, and a creative setting for groups of people to learn, grow, and develop together. Through DanceSocial, anyone is welcome to create a social experience from anything, and in many areas, no skill or experience is needed.

Social dancing is different every day! Some people like to have a dance group, others want to dance in small groups, and others want to dance with others. These are all great ways to meet and connect with others just because (and because many do!) so there is no “right” one. You are completely invited to become a part of an open network of people in your area that are eager to learn a new dance, meet new people, and create a fun social experience! As people, we do dance in different styles, from Classical dances to Hip Hop, Classical to Pop, Jazz to Pop, R&B to Jazz, etc. and there are tons of things to do for groups of people to get along and meet new friends. Social Dancing is an absolutely wonderful way to get together, express yourself to others, and to discover a new dance.

In addition to social dancing, danceSocial is a venue to create the same amazing experiences many more dancers are having today. At DanceSocial a fun, friendly environment is maintained for the entire party so all the dancers who come and want to get a free or low cost ticket are just as welcome at the Dance Social as any other person. There is no limit to the number of dances or groups that can be entered into a Dance Social by each person, and there’s NO requirement of any skill or experience. People of all levels, especially beginners, can attend and have fun at different levels. With Social Dancing there is no barrier in how to participate in this form of dance at any rate. If you want to join in, there are no qualifications to enter, so everyone is welcome. If you just want to watch your favorite group of friends and enjoy