Why is it important for students to know social dance? – What Is Theatrical Dance

Learning about dance involves learning about gender roles and gender inequality. By understanding the way dance culture and gender stereotypes are constructed it is easier to challenge and challenge them to make dancers feel valued and empowered.

Why does social dance matter?

In school, the way we engage with and respond to dance involves using dance as a tool to educate and influence others. It’s something every student is expected to do, so why not have students actively participate in the process of teaching it to those around them?

What are some other ways to make dance fun?

Teaching dance to children is always great fun. In fact, we always encourage those interested in dance to attend dance lessons. What’s great about them is that we’re teaching kids that they’re “worth it” if they want to try some new moves.

To add to your repertoire, make dance fun for all ages, from elementary to high school.

If you are a teachers at an elementary school or middle school, what can you do specifically to encourage more children using dance to learn about gender inequities?

Our curriculum reflects a diversity of ages and abilities. This means students will find music and skill levels that they feel comfortable with. By encouraging teachers to have diverse classroom presentations, students can learn about more topics, and they have the opportunity to practice new dance moves before they are exposed to the music and skill levels of the larger community.

What can you do to encourage students to learn about social dance?

All too often people think that social dance is only for older people. Social dances can be very fun for kids to learn, and we want teachers to actively incorporate their learning into class discussions. We want teachers to encourage students to think about the implications and social implications of gender roles and inequalities. It’s time our kids see gender inequality as it really is.

How do I participate in a discussion about students who participate in social dance at school?

Make sure to include both males and females, and that it’s relevant to our class (students may attend different levels of dance) and appropriate to your school. Let the students know how much you care about them taking part in social dance in your classroom. Let them know that if they have any questions, please just ask.

How can I bring dancing into my classes?

To support social dances in our schools, we need new teachers who will be willing to teach our students how to practice and play dance around ideas. That means you need

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