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Well, because it’s all about the heart. It’s about that whole “love of this life / love of it now / love it for today” thing. It’s about that simple beauty of the human body. It’s about that fact that the one thing you must do at all costs is breathe hard, try to smile, and smile in time. The beauty of the ballet dancer is that there is no difference between the person that is performing and the person that is watching. You have nothing to lose.

I remember the feeling of falling in love with ballet dancing just as much as I do with photography, but my love of it was in a very different way.

This story appears in the November 2015 issue of TIME magazine.

By Andrew Burnes

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In a little-known chapter in the great saga of humanity, from the beginnings of the planet to the present day, scientists are studying how the climate and the oceans have affected their inhabitants and their environment.
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Their discovery might have consequences for human history in the decades ahead.

At the same time as global warming begins to make the ocean more acidic, marine animals have been facing a range of changes from reduced food and habitat, to the risk of extinction. What has yet to be discovered is whether the ocean’s acidification has the potential to disrupt ecosystems in ways we don’t yet fully understand or whether it could exacerbate existing problems.

These findings are also relevant to the search for solutions to climate change. The oceans have an important role in balancing the climate, as well as helping us understand how and why the planet’s climate has changed. However, the role of the ocean in the climate system is poorly understood – especially as it impacts land and human activities.

Many of the findings that we have identified by studying marine animals are of interest to environmental scientists. These include:

The loss of coral reefs

In recent decades, the number and size of corals in the world have declined at rates of 5-20% annually. But the reasons for this decline are not fully know, leading marine scientist and University of Oxford professor Andrew Leakey to explain that the decline is driven by overharvesting.

“A corals die if they have fewer than 200 eggs and that only happens in one place at one time,” he says. “That place is, of course, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is a

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