Who dances hip hop?

What’s it like to be a rapper in today’s “hip hop” environment?

If you are a young hip hop artist, you might hear:

“I’ll leave the ‘I can get a loan for your album’ and ‘I can get two tickets to the show’ in the same sentence.”
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This is very common among young hip hop artists. It is also a common mistake.

Let’s take it one step further and give the artist that has ‘I can get a loan for your album’ three different options:

“A loan to have your album made. A loan to have your album performed.”

(Please note that the first option is far more common than the second – if you listen to your own music and you think you need a loan to get started, you probably do NOT!)

“I’ll leave the ‘I can get a loan for your album’ and ‘I can get two tickets to the show’ in the same sentence.”

“Oh yes, I have a loan to get you to a performance for free! I just know it!”

The rapper who has the first option should be the most nervous. He is the only one who can actually perform for free. In his mind this will be the easiest time to get a loan because everyone will see how awesome things are and they will think he can actually get to the stage. He will think, “Now I have an audience of people to play with!”

The rapper that has the second option doesn’t need this luxury because, by this point, people will know enough about hip hop to not only hear him as the artist but to see him dancing like he’s on the show floor. What’s more, the crowd is used to him as a DJ so they will be excited to see him play with a crowd of people. When the crowd is full of hip hop fans, the rapper can still get the loan to get him to perform. But this may cause other rappers’ career to suffer because the rapper with the second option is seen as a novelty act and has no real success. They won’t get the loan. (We’ll get into why this is in a second).

I’ll leave you with a simple example of how bad this mistake can be…

Imagine you are a producer on a top 40 rap hit that takes off big. This song would be played back-to-back at every high school dance, and it would be all over