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Social dancing, sometimes called ‘social life’, means a variety of activities including: • Participation in sports, such as dance, gymnastics, athletics, or athletics competitions • The formation of groups of dance or gymnastics students; or • The singing of patriotic songs and songs with patriotic content (such as ‘God Save the Queen’ or ‘God Save the Queen’ by the National Anthem – sung at military funerals and during military parades); • The recitation of sacred religious texts by children (excepting such texts as the Psalms or Proverbs) or by adults; • The carrying out of ceremonies such as religious weddings or funerals. To practise these activities means to practise the art of social dancing, which is described by psychologists as an ‘interpersonal skill’ and as a ‘relational skill’ that is the culmination of an individual’s social and personal skills, which are described by social psychologists as a ‘cultural skill’. It seems clear that these skills must be in harmony, that these performances can be a ‘safe zone’ for the development of the individual’s social skills and the formation of personal relationships. As to ‘civic participation’, the term implies that participants should participate in such activities as civic assemblies, community events and/or work. Such activities can be described generally as social activities, although in the United Kingdom some cultural activities of such a kind are covered by the general term ‘social life’ or ‘social life’. The activities that are specifically covered by the public interest in promoting social dancing in this country are generally described as: • The singing and playing of folk songs (e.g. ‘Let it Be’) and the playing of musical instruments; • The wearing of costumes or the making of toys to be sold (such as dolls and stuffed animals); • The making of toys to be sold by adults or children of the same sex or both sexes. Thus, for example, a toy set such as a doll may be sold to children to play with and in the same way a woman could use it to make her own doll for her own use. Thus, children will not be allowed any of the other activities described in paragraphs (a) (ii) in respect of these dolls but they will be allowed some of the activities described in paragraphs (b) and (ii).

[29] On the other hand, in some places, it seems clear that people are not required to participate in any or all of the activities described in paragraph (b) but are, in effect, required to abstain from them

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