What is dancing for you?

To get the best out of life? To make sure you don’t give up? Why? How, when you’re a little girl what you do? Where do you want to be? And this can be anything from learning to speak Spanish—to learning what you like to play, where you like to be. And I want to hear from you, so get your feet wet.

How did you learn to dance?

My mother picked me up from ballet school. She was always a dancer and she would get me a job in dance classes at the age of 10 or 11 to give a couple of weeks of school. But that’s the thing with a lot of kids where they see ballet and you’re walking around and they’re all dancing on the spot. But you start doing a little bit more and you learn to really focus, because you have to be really focused because you have to stay in one spot and you have to watch them really closely every step of their moves. You have to be in the moment and you have to be alert. And that’s a little different than learning to speak or listening to music. Those things, it’s not so easy to learn to do in your head. So it comes all at once. But I always practiced it with her and tried to be that person that just takes it in. So when I come to the city, I always practice with other dancers that are in the city, so I’m always dancing to other people.
Israeli Folk Dance | My Jewish Learning

I saw your video for “Misterioso” off of YouTube and it was definitely a highlight for me. How did you get that video going?

I’ve always been drawn to beautiful dances that I can feel and see what you’re doing and how they’re moving. Even if you’re a dancer, you have all that talent and creativity and you get to see stuff on YouTube and then you turn on the TV to see videos of it. Even though I’m not the guy that makes videos about dancers, I’ve always been intrigued with what it’s like to dance the way you dance. I was always watching, so if I could get back to my roots, learn what it was like to dance, then I could help others do it the same way I did. I wanted to make sure I helped other people get into what I love the most. It definitely grew out of my love for ballet. I was able to see it firsthand and even now I’m always watching and I really do want to show everyone.