What is dance performance?

Dance is a physical movement. The movement is a part of your body. You cannot just make a lot of people do it, or a few. There are people doing it, and people who watch a lot of TV. They know they should be doing it. A film doesn’t just make a good movie, it makes a good film because you’re making it for a particular audience. You cannot do it on TV anymore. You have to do it in a studio. So you have to create this audience. The more people you have in your audience as far as people who know what you’re doing – the more you can find someone who knows what you’re doing, the more you can work with the person you have to work with, which is the director: he has to like the people you’re trying to work with and help them. It can be very difficult, but the people you have in your audience are the most important people. (The director) also has to understand the people. For example, if you say to somebody, “I want you to act in this, but I don’t know how to do it.” Then you can go out and work with somebody, but with all of the other difficulties, it will be very difficult to do it. So it depends on the director, whether the person is ready or not. There are so many different kinds of people who can do it. In any case, you only have one director in the world who can decide whether or not you’re going to do something. (laughs) They will let the director decide who will and won’t do. You cannot just decide you don’t want this person doing it. It happens very fast: the person has to do a dance – you have to do a dance with that person, and you have to do that for a period of five days before you start filming a film about him. You have to do it for a period of five days, and then you have to film it. That’s the same with a play, or a film. They want a piece of your life for five days, and if you don’t do it, then you’re finished. That’s the way it works for a lot of people. Also, you’re only allowed to film in a given studio, the same studio you want to shoot. So you have to start filming one studio, and when you come out of that studio, you have to film the other one. But in general, the studio is where you have the best shot, and