What do hip hop dancers wear?

They use fashion as it pertains to the music. They use their clothes the same that rappers do. If you think fashion makes a huge difference in hip hop, you’re wrong. Even in our era of digital distribution for fashion, fashion still has a huge influence on people, but the clothing doesn’t change as much as hip hop.

So you say that the clothes they wear are the same, but they are a different way of presenting their songs?

Yes. But there’s still so much information that’s out there that is not in the fashion world. You’ve got to understand that what people are doing is a form of storytelling. Hip hop means different things to different people depending on their culture.

I thought fashion was a bit more formal because they always had their costumes. But with hip hop, it’s just about the music in a unique way where fashion is used to get you off to different things. For a hip hop dancer or a hip hop artist, fashion is not just an important part of their style. Fashion has its own style and you have to use it as an instrument of empowerment rather than just another symbol.

It’s almost like a dance, like a dancer might dance. It has a different look but it’s also an important part of the show, like a hip hop dancer would dance like. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a dance or talking on the phone or talking in a room. The music and the music is also a part of the show and the music is what makes the show. Fashion is part of the show.

I’m not trying to make light of any of this stuff. Obviously we all are influenced by hip hop, but you’d have to be that crazy to believe everything is not just a fashion. This is not a fashion show that you’re doing or one where you’re putting something on on the dress. This is fashion on every stage in a way.

I just want to do my best to support artists but not have any influence on them.

Did you get to interview Kendrick Lamar?

Oh definitely, yeah. We talked about everything. In my defense, he gave me a chance to really explain stuff to him. It wasn’t an interview like you’d think it would be, and he didn’t want to ask one question over something else that’s more in the way.

Does he take the time to ask you for a little background on the music you’re doing or what he wants to