What do hip hop dancers wear?

Hip hop dances are designed to highlight the hips. Hip hop dancers are typically wearing high collared shirts and skirts, with some wearing sheer clothing or sheer tops designed for dancing. What’s interesting about these items is that they are typically made with an emphasis on the hips to create a certain type of body that is more feminine, less masculine, less muscular. And, you might consider wearing a bra, as many of these outfits feature a bit of cleavage.

Is hip hop dance style appropriate for my child?

Not at all!

Is hip hop dance style appropriate for my adult children?

No. Kids don’t do this. It’s just not something that’s appropriate for them.

Do a search on the Internet for a hip hop dance style and do find out the following:

How many people in the US did this dance style have in their family?

How many people did this dance style target?

What did the people of this dance style look like? Are they blonde, red or brunette? Are they thin, tall or fat? Are they straight or are lesbians?

Do you want to know what the people in this dance style look like? Is this style appropriate for them?

Including the parents and grandparents in a child’s life is the first step.

There are certain behaviors that do make people look cute in the hip hop dance style. These behaviors are:

-A lot of dance/glam in front of the mirror.

-A lot of high-heeled shoes, like sneakers.

-Lots of dancing, especially in the butt.

-Shoes made out of sparkles, laces, studs, etc.

-Dressed up in jewelry at least once during a hip hop dance.

-Lots of hip hop songs or songs about hip hop dancing

-Being dressed nicely at every possible opportunity that a child has, from the dress rehearsal to the dance at school, all the way up to the day of the event where clothes are actually worn

-Being well behaved with your child. It’s not so important that they don’t get mad, it’s that you let them have a good time.
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-Being kind to each other. A lot of people are not very supportive or friendly with babies or toddlers. They don’t want to throw tantrums, they want to listen and do what’s right, but they don’t want