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The US National Commission on the Status of Women is currently on a week-long tour across the country, meeting with groups to “address the unique challenges and unique challenges we face as a nation — a nation where two women, two girls, are murdered every 27 minutes,” according to a press statement issued last night, which also stated that it had “comprehended the role of women in the struggle for equality.”

After its annual conference in New York City last year, the commission gave more detailed answers concerning its mission and goals — and now, it’s offering them through a website. It’s titled “The Commission: Resisting and Responding to Sexism and Discrimination in America.” Its description of its work — as it is meant to be used by anyone interested in helping the commission in any way — reads:

The Commission supports and protects women and girls. It advocates on issues vital to women — from women’s health, to their economic standing, to the justice of sexual violence. It also educates the American people and the world about the challenges we face as the United States — and as a society — faces discrimination and violence directed at women and girls. The Commission works to improve women’s and girls’ access to equal educational opportunities, legal support, and social protection.

This site offers a wide variety of information. It includes a list of the commission’s seven tasks, as well as a list of people (including the organization’s founder) who will have access to it during the seven-month tour: “Each of them — in their own capacities — will share ideas, information, observations, and experiences on topics relating to the issues of the Commission, and on the Commission’s own unique journey.” We’ve reached out to the commission for comment.

As we have repeatedly written, it is important to remember that, as long as the commission is in existence, its work will remain mostly in the shadows. Its work will not be shared widely, on social media, and with other groups — and it will not be made publicly available. And its future work will remain secret.

“The Commission is focused on creating policies, funding, and other opportunities for women’s organizations and individuals that address the unique challenges and

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