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What’s the deal with the famous, old-fashioned dance called the ‘swallowtail’? It’s so well-known that it’s been played on stage in the movies and commercials, but its proper name still eludes many American teenagers. It’s called a ‘dunk’. (5:15)

“What’s that sound? Is that a bird?” asked one young American who saw American Idol contestant Mariah Carey on TV as a boy. “He’s a duck,” a woman in the audience replied. Another boy said: “Oh, I know how to do a duck jump! I think it’s very cool!” What about a duck flip? “I don’t know. You’d have to ask a duck.” How about a duck roll? “That’s pretty cool, too.” Some young people said yes. One teenaged girl asked: “You know, that’s a great song!” The boy responded: “What song is that?” The woman: “Oh, that’s Drake’s ‘Take Care’ – you know, I couldn’t sing it to you.” What do young people usually think of when they hear the word ‘duck’? (8:10)

What’s so special about that duck on TV the day before they’re supposed to do their dance? (3:20)

What does ‘beaver’ mean? (10:45)

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How to start your own project without needing a programmer? It isn’t rocket science. There are a few steps to get your project working. The first is writing code. If you have an object-oriented programming background, there are three components to writing code: The source file, the source code itself, and the executable. These components are related to each other because they all create one program, often called the executable.

1. The source file

The source file is the actual source code that describes your project. This has no part to do with the language, the framework of the program, whether it’s an IDE like Visual Studio, Intellijit, Eclipse, or PyCharm, or the architecture itself. The only thing it has to do with is the actual information. (We shall have the source code in this article referred to as “source code”.) All of the actual source code is located in your workspace directory under the following directories:

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