What are the benefits of dance mixers?

You can’t go out and spend $80 on a mixer and do a number of other things while you’re dancing.

Dance mixes in Chicago are generally available during the off-peak hours of 7:34-9:34am (4pm-9pm) and 12:34-3pm (8pm-2am), though some spots are offering mixers from 7:34-9:34am all day Sunday. There’s also a great free dance mix mixer with music by The Mules, at the St. Patrick’s Music Hall, which also serves as an after party.

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How much are drinks at dance mixes in Chicago?

Drinks at dance mixes are generally on-limit and usually $3.95 or below. These drinks are typically sweetened with stevia or sugar substitute.

How much do bars charge to dance?

You’re probably going to pay that much or more for a drink at a dance mixer, especially if you pay a cover to cover.

How much do DJs charge to dance?

DJing, as it is today, is still a very individual experience. Most people can’t expect DJs to play live every night. Many places are happy to provide a mix that gets out there anyway, and not charge cover for that service (and you can’t see them live, so don’t expect to feel too rushed or like they’re making you dance).

If that’s you and your friends, ask for an hourly rate. A cover of 10% (or lower) is sometimes necessary for smaller venues to operate reliably and sustainably.

If you’re hosting a dance or event at an establishment that doesn’t play vinyl, you can ask to be quoted a flat rate. (This can work, and you can save yourself a couple bucks).

If you’ve got a laptop, though, I’d suggest using a computer to take notes and make sure you cover your costs up front. Otherwise, your laptop will become a liability.

How to deal with dance-mixed DJs and bouncers

If you’re on the dance floor and the DJ starts playing an electronic hip-hop song, he or she’s probably trying to grab you by your arms and shake you for a few minutes. This is also when these types of bouncers begin to set up or set up the space and will, I’m sure, be very familiar with the mix. If you’re more timid than that – if