What are the 3 purposes of dance? – Social Dance Curriculum

1. Movement & Body Movement

2. Health & Fitness

3. Social & Psychological

How many steps does it take to dance?

A few easy steps should be considered to be dancing.

Step 1 – Take your weight off the floor, bend your knees and step.

Step 2 – Jump up from the floor with both feet, bend your ankles and step.

Step 3 – Drop your weight off the floor.

Step 4 – Stand up on one leg, bend your legs and step.

Step 5 – Step down from the wall, straight feet out to the right or left, and bend your knees to form a ball.

Step 6 – Hold the ball with both hands, step slowly.

What are the proper steps to make in a dance?

The steps are:



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Lean back



Standing with both knees slightly bent

Standing with knee straight

Standing on one leg

Standing with knee straight with one foot in front of the other

Shoulder width to kneecap

Do I need to do any specific steps?

Some people find a few steps might be enough, but if they want the full experience of dance they could try another set that is more challenging.

Step 1 – Take a step to the side.

Step 2 – Lift your legs a little bit off the floor, walk a little bit, lean back and move.

Step 3 – Lean back and stand.

Step 4 – Step down to the floor, straight feet out to the right or left, bend your ankles on the way down, and swing your hips.

Step 5 – Start the move again and repeat.

Step 6 – Stand up on one leg, stand with knee straight out to the right or left, and bend your legs.

Shoulder width to kneecap.

Step 7 – Kneel for a second, step back and stand.

Step 8 – Kneel to the left, walk and lean back.

Step 9 – Jump up to another height, turn a little, and walk back.

Step 10 – Lift your legs a little bit, walk to the right, and start the next step again.

Shoulder width-to knee-wide hip-width.

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