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I love to dance. You can see me dance. You can see a lot of my dancers. Do these just exist in a vacuum or is there a community of dancers to bring it together and be a part of something great?

I’m glad you asked.

There’s a lot of dance in the world. There’s not a dance so common as the ballet, but many of the world’s most beautiful, modern and classic dances have had roots in one form or another, and one that has been practiced on the streets or on stage for thousands of years. And the stories are rich.

You mentioned something a little different in that a dance has to be an act, it has to be a way of communicating. And that’s one thing that’s fascinating about ballet, the act. You can take it too far and that’s when you can end up with your audience turning away.

That’s not all about taking the act too far, that’s also not the purpose of the dance — the purpose is that there’s a lot of dancing going on. You have to be able to engage with that and make it entertaining. That’s why I like to dance, because dancers have to dance. You don’t see many of them because they aren’t paid to dance, but dancers still get to take that stage and tell a story. There’s so much to tell about life and about our world.

I don’t know if this was a question asked of another dancer of your, but you used the word soul. This can go either way with me, but it’s a great word that reflects just how powerful the dance is.

Soul is more of the spirit, it has this connection to the human spirit, and you have a sense of your soul living deep in your heart. I always say it’s a dance to bring the human spirit to the dance in a way that has never been done before. We don’t dance to the human body; we dance to the soul. And we’re the most spiritually powerful dance in the world. (Laughs)

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What’s the story behind that?

This dance was originally called Ora. In Ethiopia, Ora is a dance for people to say good luck to, and it’s been a part of Ethiopian culture for thousands of years. The ancient Romans had to use it to bring the good luck of success. When you go to the Roman Empire and see their monuments of the colonizers of the world, it’s beautiful, especially the

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