What are social dances and dance mixers? – Types Of Dancing Classes

Social dances are dance gatherings where groups gather to dance to music or dance groups. Social dance gatherings typically start or end with a dance, or often a music, or usually both. Generally, social dance is done with a group of people in some area. Social dances are often held on a regular basis (usually every other weekend) and typically don’t require a ticket. Some social dances can be conducted in a home or somewhere a couple can travel to have a time away from home.

Dance mixers are social dance groups where they are led by other people. They normally begin with a dance but some dance mixes may move on to other activities (drills, music, etc.)

What is an alternative to a social dance?

An alternative to a social dance is a different type of social dance and can be done outside of a community center or house. Examples of alternative social dance are:






What are cultural dances?

Cultural dance is dance that a majority of people in the group have not learned and may choose to see only in the future. Cultural dance is usually held at places owned by a government or other organization. Cultural dance may also be held in a church hall, or other community gathering place. Cultural dance typically starts at a specific time, usually in the morning or afternoon. Depending on the culture, cultural dance is performed at different levels of intensity. Traditional cultural dances generally start when a group or small group of people gather, or when they dance as a group. For example, African-American cultural dances can start up around the church service, a birthday party, etc.
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A group at a community center or church may be called a cultural dance group. Cultural dance is usually one or more people playing instruments or dancing at the same time. A cultural dance group may also include an ensemble of groups of two to five people (often called a bachelorette party). Groups at cultural dance events generally meet at the same location as the cultural dance. If the group travels to another location to perform at cultural dances, the group is not considered an alternative social dance. Cultural dance events generally have a different theme or theme song each week.

What is an alternative dance?

An alternative dance is dance that a small group of people participates in at their own pace without any guidance or encouragement from other people. A variety of dancing styles may emerge in an alternative

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