How dance can help you mentally? – Theatrical Dance

There are tons of different types of dance music that may be very helpful in your studies. I have a post on how to dance to make studying a breeze. So, I’ll just talk about five of the most important types.
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Vibes : There are lots of cool vibes on EDM right now. I like to think of EDM as a subculture but it can also be a culture. If you try to talk like a pop culture character, it’ll make it harder than it needs to be. Dance music is more like a family than anything. If you want to be on the next level in dance, you need to stick to a certain vibes that are cool.

Chill : You’re a good listener. You can get caught up in the atmosphere and the music while trying to concentrate and study. I like chill vibes because they help you focus in a different way. Try to stay calm in class.

Mellow : Mellow dance might be the type of music you’re looking for in the future, but you have the right tools for dance. Mellow DJ’s use a combination of beats that bring you into focus. Listen to them and study them by themselves. Watch videos by them and listen to their music.

Jazz: When I started listening to jazz, I was very confused and confused. Jazz music sounded like electronic music but it also sounded like real music with its own history. Jazz can be very hard to be understood in a lot of different ways. If you can get your head around something then you can learn everything about it. When I started to study jazz, I tried to study by myself when no one was around because I was intimidated. When you dance it, you want to get as close as possible to what you’re listening to in order to understand everything.

Hip Hop: It’s so much easier to understand than other genres. When I started to study hip hop, I thought I needed 20 hours to understand it. Then I started listening to it on repeat. It makes studying hip hop easy. Listen to more than one song, listen to all the songs. Listen to each track of each song you hear. Study it by yourself.

Samba: The hardest part about studying salsa is learning the dance. The dance can be taught in just a few minutes but you need to get an understanding of the steps and the rhythm. Don’t rush when you study salsa. You can’t practice it if you’re just going

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