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And he has to know that the war is over, too. The only thing you could do is take a nap. It’s not possible to tell.

If the Germans have finished the war, they’ll just be going home. The Russians had some problems, too. But to think that there must have been a war in Germany‚Ķ you had to have had that kind of a war. We have nothing to talk about.

On the question of the “Hallelujah Chorus”: How was the recording of “Meine Ehrenschule”? Did you do it all at once or did you record it over time?
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It was recorded when we were at the end. I think they had the idea before. There was only a few songs recorded at the beginning, and then we worked slowly but steadily from there on.

The only songs we did at the beginning were, to begin with, things like “Hallelujah.” They were done in the end as a suite, with the whole first movement being the finale. I think there were many other pieces that we added to it, or perhaps just changed things up a little bit.

In other words, were you recording all those things at once or was it something like that? I think when you do that you find the music doesn’t feel right, because there’s a difference between two pieces that are both the same and one that’s different. You’re not quite feeling it right that way.

On the other hand, we did take the time for a lot of songwriting in that period, and as far as I know we’re the only one who did with this kind of music that we felt was right. We took the time and we did it properly.

Were there many songs you didn’t get to write in the end?

No. There aren’t anymore. We all did what we could. If it’s an issue of writing a song, whether it’s a long song or a short song, you just add it to the list. You don’t waste time when you write. You just put it in. At the end you don’t change the formula. You just bring it out.

Is it always this way?

No, sometimes people say, “Well, I’ll write something when I have something to be doing anyway, so why not?” But you never know that it’s important for you to be doing something else for a while, and you go to that song

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