Why is pole dancing attractive? – Pole Dancing Championships

The attraction to pole dancing could be related to that we like the rhythmic pattern of these rhythms. That’s all.”

Another way to make that point, he says, is by comparing the two. “A lot of male dancers are either very rhythmic, or they like to keep up the rhythm with other male dancers. So that would give some indication of that there might be a link between sex differences and the rhythm of dancing.”

A recent study in the scientific journal Evolution found that sexual dimorphism is also linked to sex-typed behavior such as aggression, where males are more aggressive in a more rhythmic and rhythmic style, and females more playful.

So it’s possible that it would be interesting for future generations to be able to track down older, more sexually active poles than those who are just living out their lives.

“We know that for years it’s been impossible to get to these groups of dancers, because the culture is very much based on the culture of dance. It’s not based on the traditional dancing, the songs, the dances, of the indigenous people [in a place]. And most of the time it’s impossible [to get to them] in one go.”

For more information about why dancers have such different ways of dancing, check out The Dancing Circle’s website.

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