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Why do pole dancers dance?
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The short of it is, it just makes you look better.

In a culture so obsessed with image and appearance, no one wants to wear heels. They are so unflattering that it’s really not worth the bother. But here’s the question, why?

A few years ago, a fellow pole dancer in New York, the first American woman to do top-roping for over a decade (in addition to her many years of training), wrote a column for The New York Times in which she asked how a woman can be a professional dancer while still wearing heels? She was talking about the fact that some dancers, particularly young dancers, are forced to wear heels to avoid injury in the back.

Pole dancing can definitely be dangerous. It can be physically painful. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve felt them. But it’s not one of those times where you’re walking on eggshells, afraid of the potential of losing your footing. I have seen some great dancers do spectacular things from falling and slamming their heads on the floor and others still fall while carrying some one-armed man’s leg or head. And they do fall all the time. When it’s an accident like that it’s heartbreaking, and it’s a great deal more sad to watch than a good dance move. I have to laugh, and I’ll remember to do it more often. It’s more than the height. You take it into consideration that even when they fall or slam their heads, it’s still only a few inches and can be easily absorbed from the dance floor when they’re in their heels.

It’s not really about the height of the poles. It’s about not exposing one’s entire foot and ankle for a second to that. Even more than that, I feel like the people who are forced to wear heels are so afraid of falling or coming off their feet or hurting their knee or ankle that they can’t even have fun in a way that doesn’t mean they should. They’re being forced to live in fear that their performance might be ruined or be broken in some sense. A few years ago, when I saw this article, my response was, how can it be both scary and joyful to be in some sort of contact with the sun? It has to be both. I know I’m not the only dancer who goes into dancing or even pole dance with this attitude. It’s an irrational fear of falling or bumping your knee or being hit by

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