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Well, it’s nobody’s business – if you don’t take it seriously then you look down on the rest of us and that’s a terrible insult.’

On the subject of his latest song ‘Mum’, the video for which has made him so angry, he added: ‘When the video came out I heard somebody shout out ‘MUM BANG BANG!’ at him. I looked at my wife and she’s like ‘I’m sure you think that’s great but I think what you should do is say your name – the first thing you should do is say his name’. I went and saw her and she’s like ‘what the fuck were you doing with your face all day?’, which was a real bummer. It was just a real low moment.

You’ve got to remember, this isn’t a guy who’s going to say things because he’s offended. This is a guy who’s a very strong personality.

He’s just been through so much that I can’t put it past him [to get angry]. He’s still got his demons, he’s still got himself a little bit of a problem. He was quite vocal about not wanting to be there when the women’s marches took place, although he didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter.

‘I remember telling a friend of mine who is a dancer, ‘you don’t have to be in this position to be a champion’, and the next thing he knew, you know he was sitting across from me… He goes ‘I did have a choice’ and he was so brave. He decided that being a man would be more important than being a man, and I respect it.

“And so do you. You’re doing everything you can to be a father, to be able to be a father, to be able to be a mum, to be a man.”

‘I’m not going to say I think you’re in the wrong [position] – I just think people should listen to what you have to say. If we stand up for women and fight for equality we have to be able to do whatever the situation is and that is take it seriously. Whether it’s a girl or a man, we have to take it seriously.”

On the topic of rape, he added: “It’s something that we have to take seriously. In a country which has had very low levels of crime this has been a major problem. It’s something we’ll have to look at,

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