What does pole dancing do to your body? – Pole Dance Classes Nashville Tn

What happens when you lose the weight? What do you do then?

Do you take your clothes off in public places?

If you’re a pole dancer, is it OK to take your clothes off?

So how can you keep the weight off?

We’re asking our pole dancers: Are you allowed to take your clothes off when you take your weight off? What are the consequences of being caught?

To answer these questions, we asked our pole dancers in the audience to give us the answers we asked, and then we posted the answers to Reddit.

Here’s what they shared:

What does pole dancing do to people?

Weight-loss and pole dancing: People that have practiced in the past have noticed the positive effects of exercising together: You gain more muscle, burn more calories. You feel more fit, and have more confidence with the pole. You have fewer aches and pains. You think less about you – it’s as if you’re dancing for you with the strength of the pole. There’s been research to suggest that the body does lose a certain amount of weight when you take the pole down for a break.

What do you do then? Can you have sex?

Yes. Sex is pretty safe. It’s an art form and your body is your canvas. However, pole dancing can have health risks, so do it responsibly. If your partner is going to have sex, please wear a condom and talk to your partner before it happens.

What do you do then? Are you allowed to take your clothes off at the dance? Or do you have to take your clothes off?

The fact is, the dancers’ bodies change during an action, and the first time they do an activity they may be bigger, but they may look tired. That’s why we don’t ask people to show their legs or buttocks. You may never take your clothes off on a pole. We do ask that your partner takes off his shirt when it’s time to dance and his underwear when it’s time to sleep.

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