What do pole dancers do?

The dancer’s job is not to be a body. We dance for enjoyment. If that’s the job, then why not just be an actress in this industry? We all know pole dances are dangerous, and they often happen in front of people who are not dancers themselves (and for the record, this is not how any of us want to be treated in a public space).

It’s also important to point out that pole dancing is not the only form of entertainment. There are plenty of other forms of entertainment besides dancing, though, that will give us the necessary excitement, and have the potential to bring out the best in us (like, say, acting, acting-training, acting-study videos, and movies). If you want to learn more about those forms, they are much more accessible here: http://www.posteristheater.org/dancing-and-acting/

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There are also other ways to get involved in the pole world. Check out the PEG website (http://www.palladance.org), especially if you’re involved in the local community! Here you’ll find people who are interested in promoting the art as well as offering practical support to artists and performers.

Who cares about Pole Dancing?

Yes, it’s great that the city of Seattle is embracing pole dancing and encouraging other communities to do the same! However, what’s really important to us, as folks who’ve been dancing for years? We’re still dancing. If we don’t have to dance, it doesn’t matter that much.

You can join the local community here (http://www.palladance.org) and you, as a member of that community, are welcome to see the world through the eyes of others, be an active member, be supportive if you’re encouraged or challenged, be open to learning, and so much more: http://www.palladance.org/membership

If you’re looking for a little more of a challenge, our friends over at polevogue.com would love to teach you about pole dancing. They have a list of classes (http://polevogue.com/pole/), and can also show you how to pole-dress yourself (http://polevogue.com/pole/the-difference-between-polarization-and-proportion).

If you’d like to check out all the other cool things you can do with our